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Brownies to LIVE for. . .

ZOLENE Gluten-Free Delights LLC is an Atlanta based company specializing in gluten-free baked goods and their ingredients.  In the business of producing gluten-free brownies, blondies and brunch breads in a myriad of flavors since 2010, we use locally sourced, fresh organic produce whenever possible.  All ZOLENE products are vegetarian. In fact, ZOLENE has developed select variations of our Gluten-Free Delights into our Delights that are Gluten-Free & Vegan, Too – sellouts at the Vegan Festivals.  Recently, ZOLENE expanded our market base to commercially produce Zol-DUST Gluten-Free Flour, our custom gluten-free flour blend.  Zol-DUST is the primary ‘secret’ ingredient of ZOLENE Gluten-Free and our Gluten-Free & Vegan Too Delights. Now we want to share the joyous benefits of being gluten-free with cooks everywhere.

How did it all begin? Once upon a time, not so very long ago, in 2008 I took the family gluten-free.  Arthritis has been a major health issue in my Mom’s family for years.  A snow skiing accident precipitated my total right knee replacement surgery in 2000. At the same time, Mom had surgery to relieve the spinal stenosis that had completely incapacitated her right hand and arm. But it was unsuccessful. Mom was a retired food science teacher and dietician who had been a wizard in the kitchen. Her legendary brownies were to-live-for and highly anticipated for Christmas by family and friends.

 As the understudy to Mom and heir apparent to food management for the family, I researched food and experimented in various preparation methods.  Within 2 weeks of going gluten-free, my arthritis pains disappeared!  Of course, we could not adopt a pain-relieving gluten-free lifestyle and leave the brownie recipe behind!  So with Mom’s permission, I worked to create a gluten-free version of her prize recipe and after several iterations came up with the result that met Mom’s coveted approval.

The culmination: the recipes of Mom, Ozella, recreated gluten-free by me, Allean, was the birth of ZOLENE Gluten-Free Delights, a family entrepreneurial adventure.


We co-llabor until the work is done

Mom, Ozella = Home Econ teacher & bona fide Kitchen Wizard

Originator Of Brownies To Drool Over, Quality Czarina


Mom sought relief in an 18-year battle with spinal stenosis. But her famous brownie recipe could not be a casualty of a pain relieving gluten-free diet so Mom gave permission and scrutiny to convert her brownies to gluten-free: the rest is herstory.


    Most Honorable Sales Manager

      Zolene = Ozella + Allean

      Owner, Allean, Daughter #1, Is The Baker


      Got sick, changed diet, made gluten-free brownies. . . Well, almost. A snow skiing accident sparked arthritis that led to a total knee replacement in 2000. Converted the family to gluten-free in 2008, and within 2 weeks arthritis pains disappeared!


        Director of Creative Branding


          Creative Facilitator


          Award-winning filmmaker extraordinaire and electric abstract photographer is the Mom-assigned level-headed business mind keeping us all on track. Her highly tuned, well-trained taste buds decide just what makes the grade to leave the kitchen or not.

            Enjoy Zolene Gluten-Free Delights anytime!

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            The VINE Cafe & Market

            Zolene Gluten-Free &
            Gluten-Free Vegan II Delights
            Brownies & Blondies
            6680 West Broad St
            Douglasville, GA 30134

            Sevananda Natural Food Market

            Gluten-Free Delights
            Brunch Bread - Muffins & Loaves
            467 Moreland Avenue NE
            Atlanta, GA 30307

            Adventist Book Center

            Zolene Gluten-Free (& Vegan)
            proprietary flour blend
            294 H.E. Holmes Dr. NW
            Atlanta, GA 30318

            BUZZ Coffee & Winehouse

            Zolene Gluten-Free &
            Gluten-Free Vegan II Delights
            Brownies, Blondies and Muffins
            2315 Cascade Rd SW
            Atlanta, GA 30311
            (404) 748-4114

            Capitol Hill Gift Shop

            Gluten-Free Delights
            Brownies & Blondies
            2 MLK Jr. Dr.
            Atlanta, GA 30318


            Zolene Gluten-Free (& Vegan)
            proprietary flour blend